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    Welcome to Arvidsjaur & Kallax Flyg

    You are now in one of the best places to experience Swedish Lapland. Arvidsjaur offers incredible wilderness environments very close to the city center. Arvidsjaur is also very close to other top tourism destinations such as Arjeplog, Jokkmokk and Kiruna.

    We’re Kallax Flyg, the biggest provider of helicopter services in northern Sweden. We operate 13 modern helicopters, handled by an organization of experienced pilots, mechanics and administration. At Kallax Flyg, both safety and environment are top priorities.

    A few of our most popular helicopter tours and destinations from Arvidsjaur are described below. We also offer custom tours and transfer to any destination. Just tell us where you want to go!

    Guorbbabuovdda – A unique mountain tundra

    PRICE: 999 Euro

    Guorbbabuovdda and the surrounding mountains reach approximately 700 meters above sea level. At this latitude, around 700 meters represents the limit where three vegetation stops and the landscape turns into tundra, leaving the summit free from obstacles and providing an endless view of the surroundings.

    This specific mountain tundra is unique in Sweden, located just 120 kilometers from the coastline (the average tundra landscape begins around 200 kilometers west of the coastline).

    Storforsen – The greatest rapid in Europe

    PRICE: 999 Euro

    Experience the force of mother nature. In Storforsen, one of Sweden’s national rivers Piteälven, drops down a steep climb, creating a rapid which can reach a flow above 1000 cubic meters of water, every second.

    Storforsen and the surrounding area offers an overall great nature experience, with plenty of trails, old forest, and traces from the last ice age. Located at the riverside is Hotell Storforsen, a modern four star hotel where you can stay or just have lunch or dinner.

    Learn more at Hotell Storforsen

    Arjeplogsfjällen & Hornavan – The land of the lakes

    PRICE: 999 Euro

    The south western, Swedish Lapland society Arjeplog is home to a resident population of less than 2000 people. But within Arjeplogs Municipality, measuring almost 15.000 square kilometers, there’s also room for 8727 lakes.

    A helicopter tour in Arjeplog offers a view over multiple river valleys, mountain tundra and vast forest land. At the heart of Arjeplog you’ll also find the 70 km lake Hornavan, with a maximum depth of 210 meters, making it the deepest lake in Sweden.

    Harads – Home of the world famous Tree Hotel & Arctic Bath

    PRICE: 999 Euro

    In between the coast and the mountains, along the national river Lule Älven you’ll find Harads. This small inland village has come to be a metropolis for global luxury tourism, mainly due to its very unique and creative hotel establishments.

    The Tree Hotel is exactly what it sounds like. Individually, designed rooms that are placed in the surrounding pine trees. Making a high standard hotel complex that looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before. What about staying in a UFO or in a “five star” beaver den?

    Not far away from the Tree Hotel and literally on the river is Arctic Bath. Here, the visitors can combine a cold bath in the river with a high end SPA experience. The complex also contains a hotel, lobby bar and a fine dining restaurant.

    Learn more at www.treehotel.se

    Learn more at www.arcticbath.se

    Kvikkjokk/Sarek – A part of Europes last wilderness

    FLIGHT TIME FROM ARVIDSJAUR: 1 hour 20 minutes
    PRICE: 999 Euro

    In Kvikkjokk the road ends. And the land considered to be Europe’s last wilderness starts. A tour around Kvikkjokk offers a great view over one of Swedens highest mountains, Bårddetjåhkkå (2005 MSL), the river valley of Lilla Luleälven and a maybe a visit at the famous Sarek cliff, Skierffe.

    Just 15 kilometers (as well as 5 minutes travel in helicopter) from Arvidsjaurs Airport you’ll find a unique mountain area with stunning views over the vast wilderness of Swedish Lapland.

    Kebnekaise – Fly with us to the top of Sweden

    PRICE: 999 Euro

    Kebnekaise is Sweden’s highest mountain with two “twin tops” reaching close to 2100 meters above sea level, each. The top of Kebnekaise offers a view over endless mountain areas in both northern Sweden and Norway. Kallax Flyg have great experience and have been operating in the area for a long time, during both summer and winter seasons.

    We can bring you to the very top (almost, there will be an easy walk from the helicopter) and then bring you down to Kebnekaise Fjällstation where you can have a fine dining experience, 20 kilometers from the nearest road.

    Learn more at – Kebnekaise fjällstation

    Icehotel – The frozen grandfather of sub arctic tourism

    FLIGHT TIME FROM ARVIDSJAUR: 2 hours 15 minutes
    PRICE: 999 Euro

    ICEHOTEL 2016. ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi. Design: ”Tribute” by Elin Julin, Marinus Vroom and Jens Thoms Ivarsson. Photo: Asaf Kliger

    It’ll almost do the job without further presentation. The Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Kiruna has come to be a symbol, worldwide, for northern Sweden as a destination for tourism. The enrich hotel complex itself (although it melts down every year) is a stunning experience, showing what’s possible in terms of creativity and ice.

    Besides the main attraction, there’s plenty of things to do at this location. Reaching from sled dog tours and “ordinary hotel stay” to fine dining and snowmobile tours.

    Learn more at: www.icehotel.com

    Abisko (Lapporten) – The great gate to Swedish Lapland

    PRICE: 999 Euro

    See it for yourself, one of the most iconic symbols of northern Scandinavia. Lapporten is a 2000 meters wide “gate” formed by two mountain tops, reaching an average height above 1500 meters.

    Lapporten and the nearby lake Torneträsk (70 kilometer long), forms an absolutely stunning view over the subarctic landscape. The area offers plenty of options concerning both hotels and fine dining.

    Add a level of experience

    Flying, as a passenger in a helicopter, being able to see the vast land from above, is quite an experience. To bring an extra level to your airborne journey with Kallax Flyg, we offer a collection of refreshments and atmosphere. Why not top off an incredible view with a glass of champagne and a campfire? Contact us for more details.

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